Achieving the pointe using...

 ...ballet boots

As you know by now achieving the pointe can help you in order to do more of the exercises better. However it's not always possible to have footbenders made nor to have someone to assist you in stretching your feet into the utmost pointe position. Normally this isn't a problem, but the situation can occur especially if you live in a place where no-one can assist you. This is a problem that often has been addressed by internet users of this exercise schedule. At the same time many ballet dancers has mentioned their everyday use of ballet boots as a quite simple solution to this problem. Also one of the co-authors of this handbook, Lotta, wears ballet boots only and on a daily basis. Much of the information therefore comes from there as well as from the users that has mentioned this.

Ballet ancle boots. 

Ballet knee length boots 

First of all if you're to wear ballet boots on a daily basis you should wear ballet ancle boots and shorter. They won't restrict your feet as much as ballet knee length boots and are more comfortable for everyday wear once you get used to them. However as every ballet boot they WILL force you to stand en pointé and that is also the point in wearing them. The reason dancers wear ballet boots is to harden the feet, increase the flexibility and strength (which however won't happen if you wear ballet knee length boots for extended periods). Ballet boots can easily be found in numerous shoe stores or Ebay on the internet. 

When you order a ballet boot it's important that you see to that it is of especially rigid making it impossible to move the foot out from the pointe. This will make them perfect for their purpose.

The ballet boots help both in training the pointe as for holding the feet when getting into and holding different positions. It's uncomfortable, a bit painful and difficult to some extent in the beginning. Telling otherwise would be lying, but it gives much quicker results than using a footbender and the effects are better in the longer run. If you choose this method it can also require quite much from you since you will have to wear the ballet boots while you practice and as much as possible on a regular basis. Usually it's said that that three hours en pointe when using the ballet boots daily is a minimum and from there the time should be increased by one-two hourse each week to month until you can wear them as much as you wish. However if you're to wear ballet boots for longer than six hours on a daily basis you must stretch the feet to overpointe and also do the ballet positions daily for extra strengthening. Otherwise you risk damaging your feet and can end up being stuck in ballet boots!!!

If you wonder how it will be in the beginning the video clip shows a perfect example. This is Lotta shot after one week of walking in ballet boots. As you can see it wen't quite well even if it was a bit unsteady, but again that was only after a week. It's a bit of learning to walk all over again and today she walks in the ballet boots like if they were any high heel shoes. However you should, as a new-beginner, avoid walking in stairs in the beginning as this is far from easy. 

Above you can see what it looks like when ballet boots are worn. As you can see they can be used both as inner and outer wear as for clubbing.. and for exercising.. 

The ballet boots are constructed in a way that they force you to have your feet in a fixed pointe or beyond pointe position. This is accomplished by bonings and a strong lacing. After you've laced them in you won't be able to move the foot into anything less than a pointe position except for beyond a pointe position. Also, wearing the ballet boots will reduce the shoe size by increasing the arch of the foot thus decreasing the length of the foot from heel to toe. There are some tips for you if you're to wear ballet boots on a regular basis. 

Here are some pictures of dancers and contortionists using ballet boots in their exercising. As you can see the feet always are in the pointe position thanks to the ballet boots and in the first picture the foot is stretched beyond the pointe position. Also notice that the ballet boots can be a good help in order to make ease the exercises.